Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Read: January 2018
Format: Book & Audiobook
3 Caffeinated Stars

I have to admit that this book is completely and totally outside of my normal genres. I have never had to read this book for class so it’s never been one of my must read books. It has always sparkled on my long list of books that I should read and I’ve almost purchased it multiple times simply to own it and one day read. Obviously, I always put it down so I was pleasantly surprised when I received it as a part of my annual book exchange for my book club. The best part of this book club is the fact that it forces me to read something that is out of my comfort level. So I finally had a reason to embark on the adventure of reading this book.

“There is no story that is not true.”

Reading this book really was an adventure, I was fascinated with the multicultural feeling of this book. I loved the issues that it proposes and I will admit that it had elements that I have never fully grasped before reading this book. I loved learning about the culture and how it holds value even though it would be classified as primitive. The culture, customs, and values of the tribes were fascinating. It was truly complex and held my attention well.

“The world has no end, and what is good among one people is an abomination with others.”

Something that I’m a stickler for are well written characters and I have to say that I liked Okonkwo was so intricate. There were times in this book that I cheered him on and other times where I wanted him to be shunned. It takes a masterful storyteller to invoke those kind of emotions in me.

One thing that truly frustrated me with this book is how abrupt the ending is. It was leading up to the climax of the plot and then just halted. I was left extremely unsatisfied and frustrated beyond belief. When I read a book I want a resolution even if it’s a cookie cutter ending. I like things wrapped up tight with a cute little bow. Unfortunately, that isn’t what this book leaves you with.

“If you don’t like my story, write your own”

This book leaves you with a raw ending with no resolutions. When I finished the book, I was unable to put into words how I felt. I didn’t know if I loved it or hated it. Ultimately, I do like the fact that the book is making me ponder it for longer than normal. I’m glad that I finally read it but I will probably not continue on in the series.

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