war/SONG by Armada West

Publication: 12/25/2015
Series: Book 1 – Book of Hymns
Read: May 2018
Format: eBook
Rating: 5 Caffeinated Stars

5 Stars Rating


“War has come to Thunder Bay. With magi encroaching upon the vampire stronghold, Luca cel Rau must fulfill his duty to protect the younger vampires who are reliant upon his ancient strength. But when he finds a bruised but defiant human woman outside their lair, it is more than duty driving him to protect her — and she might very well be a liability and distraction he can’t afford.

Themes of domestic violence, self-harming, and masochism.” – From the Goodreads description” – From the Goodreads description

img_6678Before you read my review, I want to give you a warning:

When I first heard of Armada, it was through a group chat we both were in. I was the resident book faery, and she was the resident author. She gifted me a copy of her book, but I ended up reading the book in Kindle Unlimited instead. I am now friends with Armada & one of her beta readers but my review is my own, and I stand by everything I said here.

My Thoughts:

I am really struggling to write this review only because I loved this book so much. As many of you know, I have a HUGE thing for vampires so to find a new vampire series has made me incredibly giddy.  Armada West’s war/SONG is a fast-paced adventure that is sure to delight any vampire fan. This is one vampire novel that isn’t too cliché, and I loved the vampire vs. magi element in it.

What really stole the show in this novel were the characters. Each character was well thought out and made you yearn to learn more about them. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Luca, and I found the heroine to be fascinating as well. Armada West certainly knows how to create characters you’re going to miss once the book ends.

All in all, I really loved this book. I am genuinely surprised that this book doesn’t have more reviews. I cannot wait to read more of Armada’s books. Seriously, read it!

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    1. I get that! I have always been obsessed with them. I would watch anything with vampires when I was younger. Now, anything paranormal (ghosts, entities) I just can’t do. Those give me nightmares!


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