If you’ve been following me on twitter @CaffeinatedFae you have probably seen the huge scandal about Cristiane Serruya who has plagiarized at least 95 books, 43 authors, 3 articles, 3 websites, & 2 recipes. I’m creating this post so that everyone can support the real authors and buy the books that were so amazing #CopyPasteCris thought they needed to be stolen.

Looking for more explanation? Here are some good places to look Courtney Milan’s post, a comment from one of her ghostwriters, & Smart Bitches Trashy Books’ Post, & Nora Roberts’ responses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8. Here is an interview that Lucas Mota had with Cristiane Serruya about the plagiarism. Amazon links provided by Jeanna Louise Skinner (@JeannaLStars). Barnes & Noble & Kobo links provided by me. 

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Claire Ryan ( for creating an amazing algorithm that has been finding more plagiarism in the #CopyPasteCris scandal! FYI she’s an author so check out her books here. Claire just posted a brand new blog post about #CopyPasteCris! It’s a really interesting perspective and you should all take a look at it!

Also, if you want to hear Claire and I talk about #CopyPasteCris with Sarah from Smart Bitches Trashy Books give this awesome podcast a listen!

Nora Roberts has officially filed papers to sue Cristiane Serruya! Read all about it here.  First decisions in the lawsuit can be found here!

Books Plagiarized:

  1. Abby Green – 1 book plagiarized
  2. Airicka Phoenix – 1 book plagiarized
  3. Alexandra Ivy – 2 books plagiarized
  4. Alys Murray – 1 book plagiarized
  5. Anne Gracie – 1 book plagiarized
  6. Bella Andre – 1 book plagiarized
  7. Callie Hart – 1 book plagiarized
  8. Carmen DeSousa – 1 book plagiarized
  9. Cathy Williams – 1 book plagiarized
  10. Christi Caldwell – 2 books plagiarized
  11. Constance Phillips – 1 book plagiarized
  12. Courtney Milan – 10 books plagiarized
  13. Diana Gabaldon – 1 book plagiarized
  14. E L James – 1 book plagiarized
  15. Elizabeth Hoyt – 2 books plagiarized
  16. Gena Showalter – 1 book plagiarized
  17. J.D. Robb – 1 book plagiarized
    • J.D. Robb is Nora Robert’s Pen Name. I am counting this as a new author due to it being written under J.D. Robb and not Nora Roberts.
    • Naked in Death (In Death #1)
  18. Jennifer Weiner – 1 book plagiarized
  19. Jojo Moyes – 1 book plagiarized
  20. Julia Quinn – 2 books plagiarized
  21. Karen Marie Moning – 1 book plagiarized
  22. Kerrelyn Sparks – 1 book plagiarized
  23. Kresley Cole – 6 books plagiarized
  24. Kyra Davis – 1 book plagiarized
  25. Laurann Dohner – 1 book plagiarized
  26. Lauren Royal – 1 book plagiarized
  27. Lisa Kleypas – 1 book plagiarized
  28. Loretta Chase – 2 books plagiarized
  29. Lorraine Heath – 1 book plagiarized
  30. Lynne Graham – 2 books plagiarized
  31. Madeleine L’Engle – 1 book plagiarized
  32. Marie Force – 4 books plagiarized
  33. Maya Banks – 3 books plagiarized
  34. Michelle M Pillow – 12 books plagiarized
  35. Michelle St. James – 1 book plagiarized
  36. Nalini Singh – 3 books plagiarized
  37. Natasha Blackthorne – 1 book plagiarized
  38. Nora Roberts – 10 books plagiarized
  39. Sarah MacLean – 1 book plagiarized
  40. Suzan Tisdale – 1 book plagiarized
    • Laiden’s Daughter (The Clan MacDougall Series #1)
  41. Tessa Dare – 5 books plagiarized
  42. Trish Morey – 1 book plagiarized
  43. Victoria Alexander – 2 books plagiarized

Recipes Plagiarized:

  1. The Field Magazine – The Pheasant Recipe found in Royal Affair
  2. Jamie Oliver – The scone recipe in “From The Baroness’s Diary Vol 2

Articles Plagiarized:

  1. The Guardian – Plagiarized the article “I help women and children in refuges heal together after domestic abuse” found here
  2. The Knot – Plagiarized the article “A World Tour of Wedding Cake Traditions” found here
  3. Table Talk Magazine, August 2011 Issue, Article “Law, Grace and Redemption in Les Misérables” found here

Websites Plagiarized:

  1. The Enchanted Garden – https://descriptivewriting.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/the-enchanted-garden/
  2. German Wedding Foods – https://germanfoods.org/german-food-facts/german-wedding-foods/
  3. Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden#Garden_design which might have been copied and pasted by the two websites that I previously posted.

**This post will be updated when more information is available

*I am going off trust of the Romancelandia twitter community with the reports of plagiarism which means that if there is a mistake please let me know. I do not have the ability to check every source so I am creating this list through tweets, screenshots, and the community of Twitter*

*Updated 4/30/2019

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72 thoughts on “#CopyPasteCris

    1. There were so many people on twitter yesterday trying to find passages that were plagiarized. Screenshots were shared & we compiled a list of everyone that has been affected. You can search #CopyPasteCris on twitter and see it all unfold.

  1. Thank you for sharing. So how do we get the selfpub publishers start using ALL the available tools to check books, articles out for possible plagiarism? If universities check every paper and exam, why not Amazon, Kobo, Nook etc? Again thank you for keeping us all update.

    1. I think what we’re going to need to do is demand that Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and all other book purchasing sites force an author to run their book through plagiarism software before it can be self-published. We need to realize that most books will have a certain amount of plagiarism in them simply due to common sentences and phrases but many of these reported are entire scenes and entire passages.

      1. My “day job” is academic writing coaching at the grad school & doctoral level, and the academic world has done a great job of incubating and bringing to maturity several different plagiarism-detection tools that have become pretty sophisticated. TurnItIn.com is one of the most widely-used ones. There is absolutely no reason why traditional publishers and small presses could not add a quick plagiarism check to their manuscripts at any point during the process (the earlier the better, obviously). But if KDP, B&N, Kobo, and Smashwords all suddenly added “a quick plagiarism check” to the document review process, let’s all prepare for two things:
        1. The first three months will be hell as TurnItIn.com et alia all scale up to handle the sudden surge in demand. That’s fine. Bring it on. Just brace yourself for it.
        2. Prepare to defend your manuscript when it gets kicked back to you by overzealous algorithms that flagged it as “plagiarized.” Seriously, I’ve had some student papers register as much as 30% non-original when I know first-hand that the student wrote the entire thing themselves. Partly this is because academia has certain terms and phrases and even passages that are learned almost by rote and passed along the same way, so they look like they were “plagiarized” when they were either clumsily paraphrased or too-accurately regurgitated.
        Genre fiction has its tropes too… and we’re going to discover way more of these than we suspected, in vivid detail, if TurnitIn.com is vetting all our manuscripts. We must expect that IT guys who have never worked in academia will be writing algorithms to reject our manuscripts in job lots in order to 100% guarantee zero plagiarism on their platform.

      2. In my dream world, I would love to see books run through a plagiarism checker and if they’re over 20% plagiarized, they’re sent to an actual person to look through them. Common phrases are used so often that I wouldn’t be surprised if most books have a 5-10% rate directly from the use of common phrases & analogies. Granted, I do know that I’m in a dream world and that most likely it will be implemented poorly and authors will suffer. I can only hope that that isn’t the case.

    1. Victoria – How did you find out? Was it reported by a reader? Or did you have a way of checking? I’m just curious. I’m 100% certain no one would bother plagiarizing my one and only historical romance, but I’m curious how it works!

  2. What is the fourth Nora Roberts title?

    Also, there was a box set for The Brothers Sinister series by Courtney Milan, which contains The Duchess War, on Amazon. For those like me who’ve never read any of her stuff and want to support the original authors.

    Sorry, I’m not technologically savvy enough to include a link.

    1. Thanks for letting us all know! Right now, the only confirmed Nora Roberts we have are The Liar, Private Scandals, and Whiskey Beach. The 4th and 5th have yet to be uncovered. My guess is that her team is working on finding everything they can & will announce them at a later time. I will correct my blog to show this.

    2. So far the only author I read is NR the others I’ve never read. I no longer read Ms Daily. Nora and the authors I do read work too hard to have work stolen from their heart and souls. Keep up the good work Nora.

      1. It really is a shame that these authors are going through this. Hopefully this means that more ebook distributors will add a plagiarism checker before books are published.

  3. So sorry these authors have to go though this. They work so very hard to write great books and to have someone STEAL from them is horrible. I hope something can be done.

    1. It really is a shame that this happened. I truly hope that with the involvement of Nora Roberts & Courtney Milan etc. something truly changes when it comes to Kindle Unlimited & other ebook distributors.

  4. Wow and this is the one we know about, Thanks for that. Well done you. If you need any Kinde of support dont be shy.

  5. Thank you for the list. I just bought 4 books from this list of authors. I actually have some of the plagerized books already. Such a shame people are lazy theives.

  6. Thanks for tackling this. With the scope of plagiarism revealed, it’s hard to believe that “Cris” is not a large-scale scam for profit. Is it an accident that the “author” lives in a country where it’s hard for Americans to pursue legal remedies?

    1. Those are all very good points. My guess is that she is going to be back with a new pen name. That is why most if not all authors are demanding that Amazon and other ebook distributors add a plagiarism checker when you upload a book.

    1. Weird!!! 20 minutes ago, I finished watching mccarthy’s excellent portrayal of Lee who counterfeited letters by famous people for profit and was thinking the exact same thought.

  7. I had never heard of her before these plagiarism allocations went public. Aren’t you afraid of giving her unearned publicity with this? She’s liable to sell more books to people who are just dying to find the copied passages in her books. I hate this type of lazy thief myself, but there are always what you’d call looky loos, ya know? I just hope she doesn’t end up with more sales because if this.

    1. I do not feel that I am giving her any publicity either. I have her name once in the blog post saying that she plagiarized works. I have no links to her books, nor am I encouraging anyone to buy her books. That is actually one of the reasons I do not have where the books were copied. If someone wants to see that, they can search #CopyPasteCris and see the passages along with screenshots & side by side comparisons. I have linked to all of the books that she plagiarized with the hope that they will support the true authors and not the woman who plagiarized some of the most famous romance authors. But, I do see your point as well. I just hope that if someone does have a copy of her book somewhere, they will help find more of the books that she plagiarized.

  8. I am amazed by how many big names I recognize! You would think, if someone thought they were going to get away with plagiarism, they wouldn’t steal from bigger authors. Thanks for putting this amazing list together and not letting this fade into the background 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, there has been no more news that we know about. We believe that she removed/rewrote the plagiarism in her books and started selling them again.

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