#FaeFriday | 9/10/2021

Ummm… Hi, I missed you all. It’s #FaeFriday, and I know I just disappeared for a good while. Life has been challenging, and I had/have a big case of the big sads. So I basically disappeared into TikTok and disassociated that way. I’m hoping to jump on here more and be more consistent. This week’s prompt is:

What kind of books covers do you like?

This prompt is a little hard for me. So, I’m just going to throw some of my favorite covers on the page, and we’ll see if there is a rhyme or reason to it. Let’s get analyzing…

  • There was something thrilling and cathartic in imagining being helpless. Helpless but pleasured. Helpless but desired. 
  • “It was a common story, violence rendered casual and unremarkable because of its regularity. Devastating to the lives it touched, and a mere curiosity to those it didn’t.”
  • “Power breaks the bonds of the world—the ones holding iron and carbon together to form steel, and the boundaries of time—which is what allows noonday artists to transform a sword into a shield or midnight artists to divine a possible future.”

So, looking at them I honestly don’t know what they all have in common. But, the one common denominator is that they each drew my eye and I couldn’t resist but read the description.

Book Covers are in no order:

So now that you know my answer, what kind of books covers do you like?

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