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Hi, I’m Kristy, the sole blogger & creator of Caffeinated Fae! I’m an overly caffeinated wannabe faery who is obsessed with all things coffee, glitter & books. My life has been defined by the wonderful books that I have read. I get lost in the beauty of books, and I love to escape into new worlds. Nothing is the same after you read a good book, and I’m on a mission to read all the good books.

I love to read in all the various ways. I don’t care if it’s a graphic novel, novella, audiobook, or anything in between. As long as it’s a good book, I want to read it. Audiobooks have been my goto format for years, but I also love picking up a good book and reading the eBook or Print version.

Some of my favorite authors include David Levithan, Katherine Arden, and Talia Hibbert. As you can see, I read across many genres, and I am not opposed to stepping out of my comfort zone for a good book. My favorite genres to read are Romance & Fantasy. Though I love Romance & Fantasy, I don’t neglect the other genres. I love broadening my horizon & reading different books.

I started this blog as a way to share the books that I liked and loved but due to popular demand, I will start sharing the books that just weren’t for me.  If you want to see my entire backlog of reviews please follow me or friend me over on Goodreads. Just be warned, my backlog of reviews are sometimes cringe worthy.

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