Super Fun Sexy Times by Meredith McClaren

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Title: Super Fun Sexy Times
Author: Meredith McClaren
Publication: August 20th, 2019
Read: June 2019
Format: Digital
Rating: 5 Caffeinated Stars

5 Stars Rating

Goodreads Summary:

superfunCartoonist Meredith McClaren (Hinges) tells five short, sexy stories featuring superheroes, supervillains, sidekicks, and the people who love them.

Showing consent and character-driven erotic relationships, Super Fun Sexy Times answers the age-old question: what happens when the mask comes off?

Two sidekicks on opposite sides get stuck in an underground lab together, and find a great way to pass the time. A tactician and superhero discuss their desires, limits, and kinks before their first time, and perhaps get a little too excited in the process. A pair of supervillains explore gender and sex together, while growing closer in their relationship. Lesbian heroes try out a kinky rolepaying scenario, and discover how to make it work for both of them. And an exhausted assassin relaxes after a long day with the kind (yet firm) attentions of his husband.

Told with care, sex-positivity, and humor, and featuring a wide variety of sexualities and bodies, Super Fun Sexy Times aims to create an erotic reading experience that lives up to its name!

My Thoughts:

Because this book is a graphic novel, I will not be including any of the quote graphics that I normally have in my posts.  This book was one of those books that just kept popping up every time I browsed NetGalley. I admit I was a little hesitant to read it simply because I didn’t think it could live up to what I expected. Luckily, I finally decided to take the plunge with this book and I was not disappointed. 

 I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS GRAPHIC NOVEL. Obviously, caps-lock was needed. Super Fun Sexy Times by Meredith McClaren is not your typical graphic novel, nor is it something that is going to be for everyone. It’s graphic, and I do mean graphic, so take that into consideration. You will see x-rated pictures, so I recommend this book for the 18+ age group. It’s also not a book you’re going to be able to read out in public, around family, or at work (seriously, don’t read this at work).

The artwork is beautifully done, but the content is what makes this graphic novel stand out. This book is practically a how-to novel on talking to your partners about sex, your wants, and your needs.  The best part about this book is that fact that it features consent, sweet, fun, and sexy consent. I loved that we saw characters negotiating role play scenes & realistically talking about sex. I also truly appreciated how inclusive this book was. You have people of all shapes, sizes, sexual orientation, etc. which made me want to cry with how beautiful it was.

This is definitely a book I would recommend to the right reader. It is well worth the read & a book that I’m going to have to buy a hard copy of. It’s phenomenal. If this book sounds like your kind of read, you need to pick it up! It’s one of my favorite books I have read this year.

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