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Hey everyone! I was tagged by the fantastic Tiffany over on Bookish Tiffany! If you’re not following her on Twitter, you should. She’s awesome! I’m not really sure the origin of this tag so if you know who created it, please let me know!

Read Only Trilogies or Standalones?

Standalones. I LOVE Trilogies, but I never seem to finish them. I want the story to never end so I typically never finish series. Standalones give me the ability to read other worlds, and I love that. 

Read Only Female or Male Authors?

Female, My favorite genre is romance, so most of the authors I read are already female. I also read a lot of fantasy, and I find that I enjoy fantasies written by women more. This is usually because a woman’s anguish isn’t used to enhance a male character’s plight. Please for all that is holy stop fridging female characters.  

Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

I’m going to interpret this as “would I rather shop for physical books at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.” I’m also only talking about physical books because as much as I loved my Nook, the Kindle and Kindle App is by far superior.

As an Ex-bookseller, I’m going to say, Barnes & Noble. I will always have a love for going to a physical store & purchasing books. I hate leaving a bookstore without a book, and it truly frustrates me when people use B&N as a place to find their next read but still buy it through Amazon. If you’re going to shop at B&N, please purchase something. If you don’t, please don’t be a customer that cries to me when the store closes. Bookstores have to keep the lights on, they have to pay their employees, they have to pay rent. I am well prepared to purchase books for full price if it continues to give me a place to shop. 

I do want to say that I am in a position in my life where I can pay $28 for a book if I desperately want to read that book. My situation is different than a lot of other people. I don’t fault anyone for buying at Amazon over a physical store. My problem is when people use bookstores as a place to shop yet never purchase something there. If someone is using a bookseller’s valuable time and then saying, “I’ll just buy it from Amazon.” it hurts. Trust me, the booksellers wish they could sell it to you for the online price too, but unfortunately, they don’t set the rules. 

All Books Becomes Movies or TV Shows?

TV shows, there are so many things that movies miss when it comes to turning a book into a movie. Having them as TV shows at least gives the book a chance at becoming something just as good. 

Read Five Pages Per Day or Five Books Per Week?

I’m a boring person with no life so that Five Books Per Week thing looks pretty appealing to me. 

Be a Professional Reviewer or Author?

Definitely a professional reviewer. I am creative, but I don’t think I can be an author. It’s so much work, and I’d rather read the beautiful words and worlds vs. trying to create something. 

Only Read Your Top Twenty Favourite Books Over and Over or Always Read New Ones That You Haven’t Read Before?

Only read new ones, I LOVE my favorites, but I love reading new things more. How am I supposed to find my next favorite book if I can’t read anything new? 

Be a Librarian or Bookseller?

As much as I loved being a bookseller, I would probably choose to be a librarian. Libraries are magical places that do amazing things. I would like to be a part of it. Plus, as much as I hate to say it, being a bookseller was not as amazing as I hoped it would be. I loved my job, but I have so many stories of rude customers, & awful managers that it is hard to think about going back to it. 

Only Read Your Favourite Genre or Every Genre except Your Favourite?

Definitely only read my favorite genre. Romance is my top genre, and I can’t even think of what my life would be like if I didn’t read it. I’m truly blessed to have found romance. 

Only Read Physical Books or E-Books?

This is a really hard one, but I would have to choose eBooks. 90% of the books I read are eBooks. I have a nerve pinched in 4 different places in my arm so the act of physically holding a book can be painful depending on how heavy the book is. 


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24 thoughts on “Would You Rather – Book Edition

  1. This is a fabulous tag. Most of the questions were an easy choice for me, but there were some that I just couldn’t decide.

  2. Love the questions and your answers. I love trilogies but hate waiting for them to be released. I’ve read some where it has been many years between books, I get fed up of waiting.

  3. I love your answers! And you are right about using bookstores just to go online and buy them although I never would have thought of the words to put it that way.

    1. It is one of my pet peeves. When I was a bookseller, it was a constant thing. It was incredibly frustrating when people would come into the store looking for our expertise and then say “no, I’ll just order it on Amazon.” I also dealt with those same customers crying to me (literally crying) about our store closing down. It was just incredibly frustrating.

      1. I can’t believe people actually said it to your face, even. I mean at least have the sense to fake it. Not that, that makes it right but at least it isn’t so blatantly rude.

      2. People are surprisingly rude at times. I once had a man scream at me because I gave him a pink receipt (the tape was running out). Other times, I had someone scream at me that they were never coming back and then cry when I told them that it was okay because the store won’t be there in a week. Retail was a strange space!

  4. There is so much that I wholeheartedly agree with but so many things on which I am on the other end of the spectrum. Like I will always opt for a physical book and I’d rather be an author than a reviewer (because already working on a few manuscripts).

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