Clearing the Hoard – Bookwyrm Challenge

I may be a wannabe Faery, but I’m a hoarding dragon at heart. Books make up my hoard, and as much as I love my hoard, it’s getting out of hand. I collect autographed books, and I’m never one to ignore a book sale or a bookstore. That means that I have over 700 physical books, and my bookshelves are at capacity. I figure it’s time to get physical and start reading through my bookshelves. That is why I created the “Clearing the Hoard – Bookwyrm Challenge!”

Here’s how this challenge is going to go. I’ve spent the past month creating a catalog of my books, so not only do I have them fully organized on my bookshelf (hahaha, real talk my bookshelves look like a disaster zone at the moment), but I also have a bunch of juicy (to a Ravenclaw) book stats. With the hard part done, I’m challenging myself (and anyone who wants to take part) to read at least one physical book that is on your bookshelf a month.

So, here is what I’m going to do. I’ve made a giant list of all of the books I have that are unread or not remembered. I’ve compiled them into a handy dandy jar, and I’m going to pick out three books a month. I’m going to choose between those three books and read at least one of those that month. If the book is from a series, I’ll read the first unread book in the series! Once I’m done reading it, I’m going to decide if it has earned its place in my hoard or if it’s going to spread its wings and find a new reader.

To hold myself accountable, I’m going to give everyone a little insight into my library of glorious books. *Fun fact, I keep buying books so I’ve had to update my list multiple times

Book Hoard Data!!!

Total books owned: 719
Reference Books*: 62
Readable Books Owned: 657
Books Read: 142 (21.61%)
Books Unread: 504 (76.71%)
Books Read but not remembered: 11 (1.67%)

*I do not count reference books as read or unread, and they will not be part of this challenge.


As you can see Fantasy & Romance/Erotica are the most popular genres on my bookshelves.

Bar graph showing how many books in each genre I have.

The top 5 genres on my bookshelves are:

  1. Fantasy – 149 books
  2. Romance/Erotica – 126 books
  3. General Fiction – 79 books
  4. Sci-Fi – 51 books
  5. Biography/Memoir – 35 books

Nonfiction vs. Fiction:

As you can see by the following graph, I own a lot more fiction vs. nonfiction.

Pie chart showing that I have 28.7% Nonfiction & 71.3% Fiction.

Autographed vs. Not signed

As I mentioned, I collected autographed books. This was a lot of fun to see quite how many books I have signed. Right now, I have quite a lot of unsigned books but my autographed books are slowly starting to take over. This is because I typically only buy autographed books now.

Pie Chart showing that I have 61.6% Not Autographed, .6% Signed Bookplate, 12.5 Personalized Autograph, .2% Autographed Reference, & 25.1% Autographed.

Rules for the Clearing The Hoard – Bookwyrm Challenge

Do you want in on this? Feel free to adapt my idea! Use this as an excuse to read some of the books on your bookshelf! All you need to do is once a month read a book that you previously owned! Once you’re done reading that book decide if it’s a keeper or if it needs a new home! Make sure to tag me so I can share your posts!

So now that you’ve seen my hoard, it’s time to start clearing it out and reading all of my unread books! Join me in 2020 on my journey!

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44 thoughts on “Clearing the Hoard – Bookwyrm Challenge

  1. 700! That’s quite the hoard! I might get in on this once I have the chance to catalogue what I’ve got (both physical and digital). It won’t be quite as much as you, I don’t think!

  2. I’m trying to do this as well. But at the same time most of my unread physical books are series that I’ve just not felt like reading (Girl with a Dragon Tatoo series etc)

  3. Between my physical and ebooks I have 256 in total. Within those I’ve only read 61. In my defense though, I have a pile of the ones I’ve read but need to donate and I’ve been doing that with the books I don’t love now for a couple months

  4. I’m saying. You should start a service for others. A reality show just about books and you would be like Dr. Phil. I’m dead serious.

  5. I love your stats. I probably own about 300 books as I gave a load away. The children’s books I receive as arcs I give to either a friend with a little one or schools/hospital etc.

  6. It’s nice to finally see someone add “books read but not remembered” to a list. I feel like I have such a short memory and I’ll look at a book and say “yea, I read it. Can’t for the life of me remember what it’s about!” Good luck with your challenge 🙂

  7. This is such an amazing challenge, I might have to get in on this! I have so many books on my shelves that I need to read, but maybe not quite as many as 700 though, haha!

  8. Hello!
    I love this idea!! This is exactly what I need in 2020 haha. Instead of reading the books that I own (which are probably 50% unread) I keep going out and getting new books 🙂 Thank you for this idea!

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