The Test by Sylvain Neuvel

Publication: 2/12/2019
Read: March 2019
Format: Audiobook
Rating: 5 Caffeinated Stars

5 Stars Rating

Goodreads Summary:

Award-winning author Sylvain Neuvel explores an immigration dystopia in The Test.

Britain, the not-too-distant future.
Idir is sitting the British Citizenship Test.
He wants his family to belong.

Twenty-five questions to determine their fate. Twenty-five chances to impress.

When the test takes an unexpected and tragic turn, Idir is handed the power of life and death.
How do you value a life when all you have is multiple choice?

My Thoughts:

Holy shit that was a mindfuck. Sorry, but there really wasn’t another way to put that. This book truly belongs as an episode of Black Mirror. It’s shocking, it’s engaging, and it really messes with your mind. It is beautifully done and narrated excellently. If you have the choice to read this novella or listen to it, I highly suggest listening to it. It’s just so perfect.

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The Test by Sylvain Neuvel is a novella that is going to stick with you long after reading it. It’s dark and twisted and is precisely what I expect from Sylvain Neuvel. The Test is thought provoking just like his last series the Themis Files (which seriously needs to be read by everyone). This audiobook was narrated by Neil Shah who captured the characters perfectly. Neil’s accents and voices were brilliant and genuinely brought everything to life. I will definitely be adding Neil Shah to my must listen to narrator list. Between the narration and the plot, I was hooked.

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Everything about this book was terrific, it was mind-boggling and a book that I’m going to need to reread. The ideas portrayed in this novella are intriguing, disturbing, and something that is sure to stay with me.   I cannot wait to see what Sylvain Neuvel comes up with next. This was brilliant.

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