Falling for the Beast By Skye Warren

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Publication: 4/30/2019 – Originally published in 2013
Series: A Modern Fairy Tale Duet, #2 (Book 1 review found here)
Series Books Reviewed: Beauty and the Professor
Read: April 2019
Format: Digital
Rating: 3 Caffeinated Stars

3 Stars Rating

Goodreads Summary:

Falling for the Beast Ebook CoverHe can never turn back into a prince… 

A troubling revelation puts Blake’s newfound career in jeopardy–and even worse, puts Erin’s impending graduation at risk. He can’t risk her future no matter how much he wants her.

She will never have a happily ever after… 

A dark legacy threatens everything they’ve worked to build. When old debt comes between them, both Blake and Erin must fight to protect each other–and their love.

Since their forbidden beginning, Erin and Blake’s relationship has been marked by deep sensuality and intense emotion. The couple is tested at every turn. They’re running out of time. Blake and Erin will have to trust each other to forge their own sexy ending.

Author’s Note: This book was previously published as a serial in multiple parts, including Beauty Becomes You and Loving the Beast. They’ve been collected into this volume and revised for new readers.

FALLING FOR THE BEAST is the second book in A Modern Fairy Tale duet.

My Thoughts:

Falling for the Beast is the second novella in the “A Modern Fairy Tale Duet.”  I rated the first book, Beauty and the Professor, 3 1/2 Caffeinated Stars, and though there were some faults, I was excited to continue on in the series. I love Skye Warren as an author & I’m a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast, so I really thought this duet would be perfect for me. Unfortunately, I really did struggle with this series.

Falling for the Beast 2.png

Going into part two, I was hoping for more character development but I never really got that. The characters though likable were not my favorite. I liked that both characters were open and honest with each other, but I also struggled with their relationship. It seemed that every time there was a conflict it was solved by sex. Don’t get me wrong, sex is fantastic, but it shouldn’t be used as the sole way to resolve a conflict.

Falling for the Beast 1

Something else that struck me as weird and out of place was being blindsided by specific characteristics. We have the entire first novella where PTSD isn’t really mentioned, and then, we’re hit with him having PTSD nightmares. It was a little off-putting to me that we’re just now learning about his nightmares. The same thing can be said about him “holding back” his need for rough sex.

Falling for the Beast 4

Though I had a few things that I didn’t like about his novella, I had some stuff I loved. I really liked that Blake always had Erin’s back. He constantly wanted to be there for her and supported her in whatever way he could. I loved that though they both had insecurities, their relationship wasn’t one of them. They both were willing to fight for what they had & shut down some of the antagonists in this book.

Falling for the Beast 3

Even though this book wasn’t perfect, I did enjoy it. I do recommend reading some of Skye Warren’s latest books instead of this series. You can tell that her writing has grown & improved since this book was first released. One of my personal favorites of hers is Prisoner. You can read my review here but be warned, it’s a dark romance with quite a few trigger warnings.

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