April 2019 Reading!

Can you believe that April is already over? As most of you know, the #CopyPasteCris list has grown to 95 books, 43 authors, 3 articles, 3 websites, & 2 recipes. Nora Roberts has started the proceedings to sue Cristiane Serruya! If you didn’t see it on Twitter, the authors who were plagiarized by Cristiane Serruya (AKA #CopyPasteCris) sent Claire Ryans a Sword!!! It is one of the coolest things ever! She is now the lady protector of Romancelandia!  Nora Roberts was also incredibly sweet in sending me a beautiful care package in thanks for keeping the #CopyPasteCrisList. I seriously cried tears of joy and excitement. It’s probably one of the best moments of my life so far.

If you’re reading this blog post, I just want to say how much I appreciate you. I hope that you all enjoy my recommendations and that these posts will help you find your next favorite book.

As most readers know, our reading habits vary from month to month. I’m doing these monthly wrap-ups because the Ravenclaw in me LOVES all the statistics! I’m currently using the reading log by Book Riot to find all of my stats so if this looks like fun, I highly recommend taking a look at their reading log!

This month, I was able to read 10 books this month and I DNF’d a book as well. My books were a mixture of ebooks,  audiobooks, novels, and novellas.

So without further ado, here are my April stats!

April Totals:
Books read: 10
Books I did not finish: 1
Hours listened: 14 hours & 1 minute
Pages Read: 1054

Total books read: 44
Total books I did not finish (DNF’d): 3
Total hours listened: 4 days, 14 hrs, and 19 mins
Total pages read: 3982

Average days per book: 3.86
Average pages read per day: 33.46
Average books read per month: 11
Average hours listened per day: 55 minutes, and 37 seconds

Genres Read:
General Fiction: 1
Crime: 1
Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 12
Romance: 27
General Non-Fiction: 1
Current Affairs/Social Science: 2

Format Read:
Print: 2
eBooks: 17
Audio: 25

Books Read:
1. Snowfall by M. Never
2. The Dispatcher by John Scalzi
3. Morrigan’s Cross by Nora Roberts
4. Roping the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox
5. The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi
6. The Demon Next Door by Bryan Burrough
7. Beauty and the Professor by Skye Warren
8. Falling for the Beast by Skye Warren
9. Rated Ex by Ella Fox
10. Dracopedia Field Guide by William O’Connor

Favorite book of the Month: Morrigan’s Cross by Nora Roberts. I have been struggling to write my review of this book simply because it was so beautiful. The writing was amazing, the characters were phenomenal, and my words can’t seem to do justice for how amazing it was.

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2 thoughts on “April 2019 Reading!

  1. Great stats! Very Ravenclaw of you indeed (though I also love everything organisation/lists/numbers too!)
    So cool of Nora to do that – what a queen! I’m so sorry to hear about the plagiarism. It’s honestly the first time, although I always seem to pick up the latest Twitter dramas, I don’t think I’ve seen this one around or it just went under my radar *shrugs*
    Here’s to hoping people think twice about copying others and taking credit for someone else’s work! And you’ve made a great contribution to see to that:)

    1. It was really a big thing in February when Courtney Milan first exposed it. It lost some of the momentum since then. It really is shocking and awful how many authors were plagiarized. Yes, Nora is simply amazing! I was shocked at how generous she was. I am just happy I could help out!

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