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It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday used to be hosted over on The Broke and the Bookish but moved over to That Artsy Reader Girl. As described on The Artsy Reader Girl’s blog, “It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.” This description is right up my alley, and I hope you all enjoy this tag as much as I do! 

The prompt this week is from Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse “The Last Ten Books That Gave Me a Book Hangover.” I like most (if not all) book lovers have experienced a book hangover. I honestly don’t experience the book hangover too much, so I’m making a list of the books I can remember giving me a book hangover. 

For me, a book hangover happens in one of two ways. The first way is when I loved a book so much I can’t possibly think of reading another book. The second way is when a book affects me so profoundly, I have a bit of numbness afterward. Sometimes, it’s a little bit of both. The list I came up with is filled with both types of books. 

Loved so much Nothing could compare:

Affected me deeply:

What are some books that would make your list?

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10 thoughts on “TTT | Book Hangover Books

  1. I definitely agree with Get a Life, Chloe Brown. All of the Leigh Bardugo series give me a book hangover when I finish too.

    Night by Ellie Wiesel was one of those books that affected me so profoundly that I struggled to find another book to read after.

    1. It was extremely informative. It is one of those books that will stay with me forever. It was extremely hard & taxing to read but worth it to learn more about the tragedy & to break apart the myths & falsehoods that came to be believed.

  2. Okay. I really need to read Get a Life, Chloe Brown because it sounds like one I would like. I’ve seen it around, but the status you just gave it has me wanting to drop everything and read it!

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