#FaeFriday | 2.21.2020

It’s Friday!!! That means it’s time to participate in #FaeFriday! This week we’re talking about iron! Iron is known to ward off faeries and, in some instances, limit the Fae’s powers. So The prompt this week is: 

What is something that sucks the magic out of a book?

The wonderful @Leah_Books created this prompt! Please link to her blog www.leahbooksandcooks.com.

There are a few things that suck the magic out of books for me. The main one is the lack of character development. I am a character-driven reader. There is nothing better than sitting down and feeling like I’m meeting a new friend. The book can have the best plot, but without character development, it almost always falls flat. I think this is why I gravitate more towards the romance genre. Romance authors are some of the most talented authors because they create such amazing characters. If you’re an author that struggles with creating characters, pick up a romance novel. They’ll show you just how to make characters that your readers will fall in love with on and off the page. 

Psst: Want great world-building with lovable characters here are a few of my favorites: 

Beyond Series by Kit Rocha
On Dublin Street Series by Samantha Young
Neverland Series by Gina L. Maxwell

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11 thoughts on “#FaeFriday | 2.21.2020

  1. This is so true!! I’ve recently read Caraval, and even though I LOVED the setting, I had such a hard time connecting with the characters that I found myself staying only to read the descriptions of the world, and not for the story itself. If the characters had been easier to appreciate, I would have rated it 5 stars, but it’s a 4 just for the sake of the magical setting.

  2. Love this week’s theme. I was going to do it and then just link my wine all you want post lol but that didn’t make much sense.

    I completely agree with characters. It is kind of like my whole dead is dead pet peeve. I try to remind everyone in that post. Here is the deal. Obviously the author has already done something right. Because if I wasn’t already completely attached to the characters? Because they’d written the hell out of the characters? I wouldn’t care if they came back as a four-legged moose dog.

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