#FaeFriday | Birthday Celebration

Guess what!!! Tomorrow I level up and turn 31! This is obviously a cause for celebration, and lucky for us, the Fae LOVE to celebrate! That is why the prompt this week is: What are some upcoming books that have you jumping for joy?

There are so many books that I can’t wait to get my hands on, but I have a few books that stand out from the crowd!

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#FaeFriday | Delicious Foods

Happy Fae Friday!! I hope that this week has treated you well! I’m honestly so happy that the weekend is almost here! This week was created by the brilliant Nery from postcardsfromlalaland.com! Please link to her blog! Faeries are known for their love of food, so we’re wondering what books have such fantastic food descriptions that you’re hungry after reading them?

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#FaeFriday | Autumn Vibes

It’s Friday, and there is actually a chill to the air here, which is AMAZING!!! I always love fall, which is why the autumn court is still in the spotlight. They’re celebrating the season change by gracing us with the beautiful gift that is the changing of the leaves. That is why this week’s prompt is: What genre gives off that perfect autumn vibe to you?

I’m sure most people will put mystery or horror as their genre, but I’m a bit strange.

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#FaeFriday | Hurts so good

Happy Friday!!! I don’t know about you but this week seemed to drag on forever! Anyways, it’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another #FaeFriday! Autumn is in the air, and the autumn court is in the spotlight. The autumn court is full of strange and beautiful faes who can have a slight sadistic side. This week’s prompt is dedicated to those sadists, which is why this curious wannabe fae wants to know:

What are some of your go-to authors that make it hurt so good?

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#FaeFriday | Music

It’s #FaeFriday, which means it’s time to add a bit of magic to your week! This week we’re talking about music! Music is something that faeries are known to enjoy. That is why this week’s prompt is: what kind of music do you listen to when reading?

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#FaeFriday | Giving Thanks

Okay, I am late. Like really really really late with Fae Friday. I’m so sorry, but life has been incredibly exhausting right now. But today in the fae realm is all about faeries hating to be thanked. That is why the prompt this week is:

Do you read the acknowledgment section in the books you’re reading, and why?

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#FaeFriday | 9.4.2020

Faeries are known to have exceptionally long lives, and in curtain lore, they’re immortal. The prompt this week is inspired by longevity. This week this curious wannabe fae wants to know: What is the longest/largest book you have read?

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#FaeFriday | 8.28.2020

It’s Friday!!! That means it’s time for another #FaeFriday prompt! Did you know that in certain lore, a fairy is born from the first laugh of a child? That is why this curious wannabe fae wants to know: What is a book that made you genuinely laugh.

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#FaeFriday | 8.21.2020

We all know those classic fairytales, but sometimes a retelling can blow the classic out of the water. This curious wannabe fae wants to know what are some fairytale retellings that you have enjoyed!

Fairytale retellings are some of my favorite stories! So I couldn’t resist putting this as a prompt! Secretly, I’m hoping that I’ll find some excellent new books to add to my TBR through this prompt! So, without further ado, here are my picks!

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#FaeFriday | 8.14.2020

School is just around the corner, and though our world looks completely different this year, it’s a time to celebrate learning new things. So many of us have switched to online learning and craving that classroom, which is why this curious wannabe fae wants to know what is a book you enjoyed that takes place at a school?

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