#FaeFriday | 5.1.2020

It’s Fae Friday and the first day of May! Today we’re talking about Pests! Faeries have been known to be pests, so naturally, the prompt this week is: What is something that annoys you when you’re reading? This prompt was inspired by Kimberly at Caffeinated PR! Please link to her page!

What is something that annoys you when you’re reading?

I have to say my biggest pet peeve when reading is being interrupted. I love reading, and I love being able to escape into a world. It is truly annoying when someone pesters you into paying attention to them and not my book. Look, when someone is sitting there reading a book, you know what you should do? LEAVE THEM ALONE. The only time (in my opinion) it is acceptable to talk to them is if you say something like “Oh! I really enjoyed that book!” and if that prompts a conversation, then great! But ultimately leave the person be, and let them read.

So now that you know my answer, what is something that annoys you when you’re reading?

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2 thoughts on “#FaeFriday | 5.1.2020

  1. Wait, are there people who get to read *without* being interrupted??? That’s a thing??? *stares witheringly at my beautiful children but first has to pull cat off face*

    That’s definitely a huge pet peeve, whether it’s my kids or my husband or my face-swarming cats interrupting me. I’m also highly annoyed by finally getting to sit down to read after a long day of work and chores, only to find it difficult to keep my eyes open after five minutes- like, NO! This was supposed to be my reading time, I can’t fall asleep now!!!! SO annoying.

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