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Title: Deal With The Devil
Author: Kit Rocha
Series: Mercenary Librarians, #1
Genre: Science Fiction with elements of romance
Publisher: Tor Books
Publication: July 28th, 2020
Read: July-August 2020
Format: Received a physical ARC but purchased the audiobook (and a signed copy)
Length: 12 Hours & 36 Minutes
Rating: 5 Caffeinated Stars
Content Warnings: Violence, Gore, Abuse, Experiments on humans

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Goodreads Summary:

Deal with the Devil is Orphan Black meets the post-apocalyptic Avengers by USA Today and New York Times bestselling author duo Kit Rocha.

Nina is an information broker with a mission–she and her team of mercenary librarians use their knowledge to save the hopeless in a crumbling America.

Knox is the bitter, battle-weary captain of the Silver Devils. His squad of supersoldiers went AWOL to avoid slaughtering innocents, and now he’s fighting to survive.

They’re on a deadly collision course, and the passion that flares between them only makes it more dangerous. They could burn down the world, destroying each other in the process…

Or they could do the impossible: team up.

This is the first book in a near-future science fiction series with elements of romance. 

My Thoughts:

This book was everything I wanted and more. I’ve loved Kit Rocha since I found their Beyond series, so when I saw Tor picked up this book, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to read this book. It’s honestly everything that I would have wanted. I’m delighted that MacMillian removed the ebook embargo so that I didn’t have to wait three months to read it. But trust me, this book would have been worth the wait.

“It was a common story, violence rendered casual and unremarkable because of its regularity. Devastating to the lives it touched, and a mere curiosity to those it didn’t.”

I have to admit, when I saw this book offered up on Bookish First, I immediately claimed it. It was a moment of weakness because that is how much I love Kit Rocha (please don’t judge me too harshly). Luckily, I didn’t have to worry too much because Macmillian removed the embargo, and I could finally read this book I’ve been dying to read. Unfortunately (sorry everyone, you know the drill), I hit a reading slump, so after trying to start the book two times, I bought the audiobook on the day it was published.

“She smothered a laugh. There was something building, all right, but it had nothing to do with the weather. And the culmination of it had the potential to be even more dangerous than a lightning strike.”

Deal with the Devil brought us back to the world that Kit Rocha Masterfully crafted in the Beyond series. The characters in this book have a found family bond that made me smile more than I have in the past four months. Each character had their flaws, talents, and I couldn’t help but root for them. Nina and Knox were a team I didn’t know I needed. Their chemistry was to die for, and I loved that they each had a family they were willing to die for.

The plot was incredibly fast-paced, and I couldn’t wait to finish the book. I loved that this book was a science fiction/dystopian book with romance sprinkled in. This dystopian/post-apocalyptic world is beautifully written. I never wanted this book to end even though I couldn’t wait to see what happened.

“Just hard enough to skate that sweet, giddy edge, and she knew when he lifted his head and she glimpsed his wild, almost feral eyes that he was no stranger to dancing along the line between pleasure and pain.”

All in all, my review cannot do this book justice. I loved everything about it. This is hands down one of my all-time favorite dystopians that I have read and is easily in the top 3 books I have read this year. If you enjoy dystopian novels with some scorching hot sex scenes sprinkled in, you NEED this book.

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“It was a common story, violence rendered casual and unremarkable because of its regularity. Devastating to the lives it touched, and a mere curiosity to those it didn’t.”

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