Their Perfect Fit by Hannah Murray

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Title: Their Perfect Fit
Author: Hannah Murray
Publication: July 30th, 2019
Read: September 2019
Format: Digital
Rating: 4 Caffeinated Stars

Goodreads Summary:

Gideon has been the star of all of Mina’s sweaty dreams for months now. Every week he comes into the bank to make the weekly deposit for his auto repair business, and every week she falls just a little bit more in love. Well, in lust, anyway, with the definite possibility for love. If they ever see each other outside of the bank, that is.

Gideon has been having some sweaty dreams himself, all starring beautiful Mina. The small-town sweetheart has him tied up in knots, and not the good kind. But the type of relationship he wants? Well, it’s complicated – and includes his best friend and business partner, Bax.

When circumstances finally throw Mina and Gideon together, sparks fly. They’re just as combustible – and perfect – together as Gideon knew they would be. But will Mina be open to adding Bax to the mix? And can they all live happily ever after?
Only one way to find out.

Their Perfect Fit is a funny, sexy, contemporary romance featuring one lucky woman and two handsome men who want to make her happy and give her lots of orgasms. Includes some rough sex, mild BDSM, threesome fun and lots of those orgasms. No cheating, HEA guaranteed!

My Thoughts:

I’m going to admit that I’m a sucker for a good poly triad romance. When Hannah Murray approached me with this book, I knew I needed to jump on the opportunity. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but if the book is anything like Hannah Murray’s twitter, I knew it would be a fun ride.

What I loved about this book was the chemistry between Mina & Gideon. The second I started reading this book, I was invested in those two characters. I loved seeing them interact and thoroughly enjoyed reading about their relationship. In the first few chapters, we really got to know Mina & Gideon. When we added Bax into the mix, I never felt that we got to know him nearly as well as Mina & Gideon. I really wanted to love Bax, but I couldn’t get a real feel for his character and never quite connected to him. I did enjoy seeing the relationship between Bax & Gideon. However, I wish I got to know Bax a little bit more.

Even though I didn’t get a genuine connection with Bax, I enjoyed seeing these three as a couple. They all worked really well together, and I could see how much they genuinely cared for each other. The best thing about this book is all of the fantastic consent in it. Hannah Murray sure knows how to write men who ask for permission in a sexy and utterly addictive way.

All in all, I enjoyed that the book was quick-paced, and I kept wanting to read more. I do feel that it wrapped up a little too perfectly, but that might just be because I wanted a bit more angst in the book. This would be an excellent book for anyone who enjoys poly triad books. The chemistry was good & the characters were enjoyable.

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  1. I am finding myself drawn to a book with this type of relationship. Curiosity and a love of a well written sexy read definitely has my attention.

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