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It’s Friday, which means it’s time for us to all get cozy inside and talk about a prompt that was inspired by the fair folk! This week we’re talking about confusion. Faeries are notorious for causing a bit of confusion. So the prompt this week is: What was a book that was so weird you didn’t understand what just happened. **This prompt was created by @Sandeeandherbooks & you can find her blog at sandeeandherbooks.wordpress.com**

What was a book that was so weird you didn’t understand what just happened?

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When Sandee gave me this prompt, I knew exactly what book I was going to use for this prompt! John Dies at the End by David Wong was one of those books that was so incredibly strange. I kept having to ask myself what the hell just happened. Everything was weird, creepy, and just bizarre, and I loved every second of it. David Wong sure knows how to write weird books! Every one of his books I have read has been bizarre, dark, and filled with dark humor. I recommend his books to anyone who wants to feel like they’re on hallucinatory drugs.

Goodreads Summary:

STOP. You should not have touched this flyer with your bare hands. NO, don’t put it down. It’s too late. They’re watching you. My name is David Wong. My best friend is John. Those names are fake. You might want to change yours. You may not want to know about the things you’ll read on these pages, about the sauce, about Korrok, about the invasion, and the future. But it’s too late. You touched the book. You’re in the game. You’re under the eye. The only defense is knowledge. You need to read this book, to the end. Even the part with the bratwurst. Why? You just have to trust me.

The important thing is this: The drug is called Soy Sauce and it gives users a window into another dimension. John and I never had the chance to say no. You still do. I’m sorry to have involved you in this, I really am. But as you read about these terrible events and the very dark epoch the world is about to enter as a result, it is crucial you keep one thing in mind: None of this was my fault.

So now that you know my answer, what was a book that was so weird you didn’t understand what just happened?

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4 thoughts on “#FaeFriday | 4.10.2020

  1. The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert was definitely a book that was so weird I didn’t know what happened. It left me so confused I really had no idea how to take the book, I gave it a low rating as well, but I’m definitely willing to give it another chance.

  2. Well, you know me, I do not read dark books. S . I will take your word for this one.🙂

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