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It’s Friday and that means it’s time to answer the #FaeFriday prompt! This week’s prompt is:

What book lived up to the hype?

Typically a book never lives up to the hype that I build in my head. When I read a review that raves about a book, I build it up so much that it never can live up to the hype. Fortunately for me, Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert lived up to the hype and became one of my favorite books. I LOVED everything about it. It had the perfect tropes and I couldn’t believe that it was my first Talia Hibbert book. Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy this book. It’s perfect.

So now that you know my answer, what book lived up to the hype for you?

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6 thoughts on “#FaeFriday | Hyped Book

  1. YES! This book actually turned out to be UNDERHYPED, surprisingly. I absolutely loved it so much more than I ever thought I could, and the second book was equally amazing. I recommend this series to everyone and anyone!

  2. For me it was The Hunger Games. It hooked me immediately, and by the end of the book I legit cared not only about Katniss and her immediate friends/family, but about Panem as a whole. I wanted to know more about how the heck this world happened and I was invested in finding out what its future would be.

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