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It’s Friday, and there is actually a chill to the air here, which is AMAZING!!! I always love fall, which is why the autumn court is still in the spotlight. They’re celebrating the season change by gracing us with the beautiful gift that is the changing of the leaves. That is why this week’s prompt is:

What genre gives off that perfect autumn vibe to you?

I’m sure most people will put mystery or horror as their genre, but I’m a bit strange. When it’s autumn, I reach for romance & erotica. Something is comforting about autumn, which is why I want to snuggle up in bed with a wonderful steamy read. My personal favorites in this area are Gina L. Maxwell, Katee Robert, & Harley LaRoux. Their books (and shorts in Harley’s case) are some of the hottest books I read. They are sure to keep me warm while I snuggle up in my bed.

A special shout out to Patience Parks for the Perverted series those erotic shorts were just what I needed a few weeks ago!

So now that you know my answer, what genre gives off that perfect autumn vibe to you?

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